Indian Wok – Chili Garlic Wings and Chili Beef (Burnaby)


Chili Garlic Wings

Several months ago, a buddy suggested we try out the Indian Wok Restaurant on Kingway and Royal Oak Avenue in Burnaby, so we did. It turned out to be the right choice! The Indian Wok serves a fusion of Indian Chinese food, using a variety of herbs and spices in their dishes. During that first visit, we really enjoyed the food as well as the amazing service, so since then, we’ve been back quite a few times!

On Friday when I went, I ordered their Chili Garlic Wings and Chili Beef dish. Normally, I would order the wings and a non-vegetarian dish from their Lunch Menu (such as the Peppering Beef, which comes with rice and soup, and tastes delicious). However, the Lunch Menu (which is $5.99 for the vegetarian dishes and $6.99 for the non-vegetarian dishes) is offered only from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. weekdays, and I was there later in the afternoon so I instead ordered the Chili Beef (without rice).


What will strike you is the service you receive. The hostess always chitchats with us and answers whatever questions we have about the menu. She even tells us if we wanted less veggies for a particular dish or if we had some special request, just let her know and she would inform the kitchen. She’s very nice, and talking to her kind of feels like discussing a home-cooked meal with your mom.

The Chili Garlic Wings are very spicy, and they always give you a lot of the chili sauce, so much so that I often save it and spread it around my rice. Except, of course, this time I didn’t have rice but the sauce was nonetheless marvelous. Yummy.

Perhaps they were a bit busy so they kind of messed things up today, but after I’d finished the wings, the server brought over the bill. So, I explained I hadn’t yet gotten my Chili Beef! Yikes. The server apologized and checked with the kitchen to see how much longer it would take. Since I’d been there several times and had always gotten good service, it wasn’t a big deal for this one minor incident.


Chili Beef

When the Chili Beef came, I was expecting it to be spicier than the wings, since the menu gave it three chili symbols to indicate “really spicy” on the heat index. But not so. I actually also found that this dish was very ordinary. The portion was huge – for me anyway, since I’m not a big eater – so that was one positive thing about it. I’d still come back because of the service, but probably before 2:30 to take advantage of their Lunch Menu specials.


The Chili Beef has three chili pepper symbols to indicate “really spicy” on the heat index, while the Chili Garlic Wings (not shown in the image) has just one chili symbol.

For parking, the Indian Wok has four stalls available at the rear during lunch hour. For dinner parking, though, all of the stalls at the rear are available after 5 p.m. There’s an HSBC bank next door, so they share the parking spots behind the buildings. If commuting by transit, it takes only six minutes by bus from Metrotown (#106), and it stops right outside of the restaurant.


Item: Chili Garlic Wings; Chili Beef
Purchased at: Indian Wok Restaurant, 5212 Kingsway, Burnaby (Kingsway and Royal Oak Avenue)
Price: $5.95 for the wings; $11.95 for the Chili Beef, plus tax. (The Lunch Menu is $5.99 to $6.99.)
Final Thoughts: Tasty food and great service.


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