The Moose Sports Bar & Grill – Deluxe Burger with Fries (Surrey)


Deluxe Burger with Fries 🙂

My buddy and I met up in Surrey to catch up on Wednesday evening, and we first had a couple of drinks at Guildford Station Pub (154 Street and 101a Avenue) before scooting over to The Moose Sports Bar & Grill (104 Avenue and 150 Street).

Guildford Station Pub was actually busy when we arrived but the server was quick to get our drinks for us. We thought that the ambience was great, but nothing really caught our eye in terms of food when we looked through their menu. Their special for that night was ribs for C$8.95 but we decided to head over to The Moose Sports Bar & Grill instead.

On the outside, the Moose didn’t look all that impressive because when you walked toward that pub from the parking lot, all you saw was this ordinary-looking brick building. Once inside, though, I thought it was a nice and cozy spot to enjoy food and watch some sports on their monitors. And, of course, hang out and chat.

Unfortunately for my buddy, we arrived just a few minutes too late for the “Happy Hour” alcohol specials as they ended at 6:00 p.m. However, we noticed that they had 35-cent wings as part of their daily specials (which they have on Wednesdays and Sundays). We both opted instead for their Deluxe Burger with Fries, which surprisingly was only C$5.00.

The Moose wasn’t busy at all, which was another surprise because of their cheap wing special and also their deluxe burger, but it also meant the pub was fairly quiet. Except, though, the Blue Jays-Orioles game was on and during the eighth inning there was a section of Jays fans cheering several tables away from us when Toronto won a series of challenges on the field.


The burger was quite juicy, and the fries were amazing! The fries were crunchy, and I thought they were better than the ones served at most other pubs. All this for just five bucks! For a burger such as this, it easily could go for more than eight bucks at other establishments too, maybe even more. (Our server even brought over burger knives for us – something that Boston Pizza apparently does not do for their Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger. 😛 )

Unfortunately, I received a message on my phone to join a business meeting online at 7:00 p.m., so I had to log in and listen in. When my phone died half an hour later, the server was very helpful in getting it charged for me. We must have been there for a while, because the last two innings of the Toronto-Baltimore game ended (making all of those Jays fans happy), and then the Boston-St. Louis contest was shown and we were there until the seventh inning. (The Red Sox-Cardinals game was delayed for a bit because of rain, so after the other contest ended, this one was just in the second inning…so we were there for the equivalent of a complete game!)

Overall, good service, friendly server, and a good deal on a fantastic burger. The fries were great. We’ll be back next time for their wings!

Item: Deluxe Burger with Fries
Purchased at: The Moose Sports Bar & Grill, 14974 104 Avenue, Surrey, BC (104 Avenue and 150 Street, Guildford area)
Price: C$5.00 + tax (and C$2.75 for refillable pop)
Final Thoughts: We’ll definitely be back!


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