Brooklyn Bar & Grill – Wings and Dry Ribs (New Westminster)


Dry Ribs – boneless rib bites tossed with salt and pepper

On another Wednesday night in late July, my buddy Carson and I decided to find some good cheap wings in New Westminster again. The previous week, we’d been to the Paddlewheeler Neighbourhood Pub but were underwhelmed by the Caribbean Jerk wings. Though I suggested we give them another shot, Carson was determined to check out another establishment, so we stumbled upon the Brooklyn Bar & Grill right on 250 Columbia Street (after striking out at HOPS Pub – because we didn’t like their specials – and at The Met Bar & Grill – because their daily specials had ended at 6:30).


What attracted us to the Brooklyn Bar & Grill was the sign outside advertising half-price wings (yay!) so we went in. One of the first things I noticed when we were inside was that there was an entire section in the back that you could probably reserve if you had a huge group or private party, which is cool. (ie. If you’re a college student, you could probably do a “Pub Night” or some similar event there with your whole class.)


Our table was by the window, and you could step outside onto the “balcony” for some air and outdoor seating (ie. patio area against the railing) – which kind of gives you the feeling like you are in this condo and just looking down onto whatever is happening below. I did look out and saw a couple of groups playing volleyball below across the street from us. There was a good view of the river. It was nice…





…until we heard this loud drilling that came from outside. Probably construction work going on?! But it sounded like drilling against metal of some sort, so that part of our stay was obviously not good.

Carson, meanwhile, noticed something more important – a small board against the wall by the entrance that said “Half-Price Wings and Dry Ribs.” (He also noticed their speaker systems and talked about how he could amp them up, etc.) We originally were going to just get wings but since the ribs were part of the daily specials too, we decided we would order a pound of Honey Garlic Chicken Wings and a dish of Dry Ribs (with drinks, of course).

The dry ribs, which came with 20 pieces, are these boneless rib bites tossed with salt and pepper. They came with plum sauce as well, and the dish tasted delicious. The pound of honey garlic wings, which were the standard 10 pieces, were tasty too. However, we felt the service was really slow – even though it wasn’t busy. Since we both had other engagements to get to afterward, we didn’t order any other food.

* * * * *

I have gone back to the Brooklyn Bar & Grill since that time in late July, just this past Thursday evening. For Thursdays, their specials are appetizers for half price until 7:00 p.m. Since I was there around 8:30, I missed out on the deal for the appys, but it was all good. The service was actually great during this second visit, with the server (a different one from the first time) being very helpful. And more importantly, no drilling noises at all. 🙂

* * * * *

Item: Honey Garlic Chicken Wings; Dry Ribs (boneless rib bites)
Purchased at: Brooklyn Bar & Grill, 250 Columbia Street, New Westminster (one block east of Columbia SkyTrain Station)
Price: 50% off the C$9.95 wings and C$9.95 ribs, plus tax
Final Thoughts: Will definitely return next time to order both the wings – different flavours, of course – and ribs. I think the food tasted good enough, and without the drilling noises it would have been fine. As long as you’re not in a rush and just want to sit back and chat/catch up with your friends, the slow service wouldn’t bother you (though the second visit was much, much better).


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