Asian Crispy Shrimp Signature McWrap (McDonald’s UBC)


Asian Crispy Shrimp Signature McWrap

It was back to McDonald’s again – that’s twice in the last two weeks, yikes! – except this time around it was while I was running some errands at UBC.

I’ve seen the posters on bus shelters before where McDonald’s is marketing this new Asian Crispy Shrimp Signature McWrap, so I decided to check it out. That name is certainly a mouthful indeed – did the folks who made the decision to brand this item as such even go to business school? Everyone knows shorter names are cooler – but we’ll see if the product itself is worthy of the hype.

When I first opened the box, a piece of shrimp fell out right away.


So, it made me curious as to how many pieces there were, and I took a look.


Since the first piece of shrimp had already fallen out, I decided to eat it right away before taking this picture. The taste was not bad: warm and crispy. As you can see, that’s four remaining pieces plus the one I just swallowed – so, a total of five in the wrap. As for the veggies, there was lettuce, of course, along with an assortment of grilled vegetables which included peas, carrot slices, and peppers. An Asia salad mix, if you will, wrapped in this whole wheat soft-shell tortilla.

If you’ve seen the ads that McDonald’s is running, you’ve probably noticed how their photos depicted the abundance of juicy sauces coming out of the McWrap. Well, this wrap is supposed to include a mix of their sweet & spicy Thai sauce and garlic mayonnaise sauce, but you can also see how dry mine looked in the close-up:


Anyway, I could still taste the sauce, which was just as you’d expect: sweet and tangy, and a little garlicky too. A little sour. Nothing to write home about.

Overall, an okay wrap in terms of taste, but I think for me it’s one-and-done. It’s basically some stir-fried veggies with a few pieces of breaded deep-fried shrimp in a wrap. I just don’t really think I would order it again. Not that it would be around forever, as it’s only being offered for a limited time in Canada.


Item: Asian Crispy Shrimp Signature McWrap
Purchased at: McDonald’s at UBC, #101 – 5728 University Blvd, Vancouver (UBC Village)
C$5.49 plus tax (C$8.49 plus tax if you ordered it as part of a meal, with fries and a soft drink)
Final Thoughts:
One-and-done. Enough said.


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