Nesters Market – Chicken with Potato Wedges (SFU Burnaby)


Quarter of a whole BBQ Chicken with Potato Wedges
(picture taken after I had eaten a few of the wedges 😛 )

When you’re out at SFU on Burnaby Mountain running errands – as I am weekly – and you need to grab a quick bite or just snacks on the run, Nesters Market is a good place for that… especially these days when the SFU buses don’t drop you off at the Transportation Centre anymore (while some construction is being done there) and instead take you all the way to the Transit Exchange (final stop).

Well, the good news is that some shops are within walking distance from the Transit Exchange (ie. within a couple of minutes on foot), including Nesters Market. When I worked downtown several years ago, I had this negative image of Nesters Market because my impression of them was that their items were more expensive than other supermarkets/grocery stores.


However, you can actually get a Quarter of a BBQ Chicken with Potato Wedges for only $3.99. That’s either a chicken leg or a chicken breast – your choice – with a bunch of wedge fries. That’s really cheap!


If you wander around the store, sometimes you can see some special discounts they have on beverages, such as a king-size can of Pepsi products or a bottle of Powerade for only $0.99 (plus deposit, of course). As you can see on the picture at the very top, I got myself a king-size can of Mountain Dew.

And if you’ve got a few minutes, you can eat it right there in the lounge area where there’s a big screen TV. Or, of course, you can sit outside in the patio on a day like today….


Then off to whatever errands or classes or midterms you have to get to!

Normally, if I needed to pick up something on the go, I would go to Triple O’s in the AQ Building. However, as you can see, during the Summer Semester a lot of the places are closed early (except for Starbucks, really).


So, if you need to get something cheap, Nesters Market – surprisingly – has the great chicken deal for you and they’re open till 9:00 p.m.

Item: Chicken with Potato Wedges
Purchased at: Nesters Market, SFU Burnaby, 9000 University High Street, Burnaby, BC 
C$3.99 plus tax
Final Thoughts:
An excellent deal for those who want to grab a quick bite before classes, exams, etc.


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