Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger (Boston Pizza)

During the Stanley Cup playoffs back in the spring, I’d begun this habit of periodically going to the Grandview Boston Pizza to catch the hockey action on their TV monitors.

Located in the Grandview Highway plaza in East Vancouver, this particular Boston Pizza is just a few steps away from a few other established chains such as Starbucks, Canadian Tire, PetSmart, Mark’s Work Warehouse, and PriceSmart Foods, with Wal-Mart another block away. It’s also situated just one block east of Rupert SkyTrain Station, and the parking lot is huge so not finding any parking space isn’t an issue (unlike perhaps the Boston Pizza along Lougheed Highway in Burnaby, between Brentwood Mall and Gilmore SkyTrain Station) .

At this particular location, I’ve now had their Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger three times, ordering a different side each time (Fries, Caesar Salad, and Garden Greens). The last time I was there just this past week, I ordered it with fries and a glass of Lemonade.


Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger

The Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger includes jalapeños and crispy onion strings as well as veggies and Boston Pizza’s secret sauce. The crispy onions were thin, but that’s not a surprise since they were described on the menu as “onion straws” and not “onion rings.” If you expect “onion rings,” though, you might be disappointed. But not me, as they were crispy as advertised. 😛


As for the jalapeños, for me personally, I enjoyed that little “kick” when biting into them. It’s like you get this blast of spiciness that just bursts into your mouth, giving the already-juicy burger that extra powerful flavour. Though I loved that “kick,” I still found the jalapeños to be really spicy, so it was definitely handy to have the lemonade around. But I should stress that that’s my personal taste, so it might only feel “mild” for others. Or even “too spicy” for some. (It seems that adding spicy ingredients such as jalapeños and chilies has become a trend with many food establishments, as they have discovered that the average foodie likes very or extremely spicy foods, especially sauces, dips, and condiments.)

When I factor in the onion strings as well as the jalapeños, I would say this was a very tasty and delicious burger. The meat, just as you would expect, was certainly thick and juicy.

The fries are just like any pub fries – I don’t go to Boston Pizza just for the fries. Also, everybody probably eats his or her fries differently; in my case, I just sprinkled some pepper to enhance the taste. (Should have gone with the salad or greens instead.)

If there is anything to pick on about this particular visit – as well as the other times I have had the Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger – it’s a minor detail regarding the eating utensils. I was brought just the usual stainless steel dinner knife with a fork, but not the burger knife that they normally bring you for their Pepperoni and Bacon Pizzaburger (which I have also had before and will probably review it another time). I guess you’re supposed to eat the Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger by hand! 😛

The service this time around was all right, but nothing extraordinary or above and beyond. I came in on a Friday evening that wasn’t busy – there were only three other tables in the lounge being occupied – and the server did come and check up on me a couple of times. (This was Friday, August 1, with the BC Lions playing in Calgary, so either not too many people care about the CFL or perhaps those interested in the game were watching downtown.) I did remember on a prior visit during the hockey playoffs (when it was a little busier), though, I was virtually ignored until it was time to get the bill. The server did bring me refills for my pop that one night but didn’t engage in any small talk whatsoever, and she asked me how everything was only when she brought over the bill. I don’t think it was because I was finally paid some attention to that I decided to order another salad then; I think it was because the game that particular night had gone into a second overtime.

Anyway, for this last visit, it wasn’t busy at all, so it wasn’t a true test in terms of service. That one time where I was virtually ignored could be just a one-time incident, so we’ll have to see. (But come to think of it, in each of the past three times I’ve been there, including this last visit, it wasn’t busy whatsoever.)

One good thing about the Grandview Boston Pizza location is that there’s a Starbucks with a patio right next door, which is definitely convenient for those who’d like a coffee or an iced beverage after their meal. It’s especially nice to just hang out and chat on the patio, with an iced beverage, during summer evenings when it’s still sunny out even after dinner. However, the downside is this Starbucks location closes at 9:00 p.m. daily (8:00 p.m. on Sundays), unlike some of the ones downtown that stay open till 10:00 or 10:30.

Item: Jalapeño and Crispy Onion Prime Rib Burger
Purchased at: Grandview Boston Pizza, 2850 Bentall Street, Vancouver, British Columbia (one block east of Rupert SkyTrain Station)
C$13.99 plus tax (Lemonade, as with other pop, was C$2.99 with free refills)
Final Thoughts:
A tasty burger with crispy onion strings and jalapeños. A tad spicy for me. Overall, adequate service. I’m sure I would return for that burger in the future, seeing that the location is okay and it’s not that busy even for a Friday evening. For those who enjoy coffee after their meal, there’s a good hangout place at Starbucks next door.


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